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Neil Anthony
Mike Cohen
Billy McMartin
Brian Fisher
Mark Ritchie
Anthony Pell
Bob Spencer (The Angels/Skyhooks)
Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks)
Laura Blackie
Wayne Tunbridge
Andrew Wishart (X Factor 2011)
Debbie Lobley Wright
Lauren Webb
Andrea Lees
James JP Psaila


* 3 Songwriters

* Traditional Songwriting
* Original songs dating back to late 70's

* Interesting lyrics and verses with singable choruses, wrapped in guitar based music


Over the last 42 years a body of work has been archived, never released until now.  Throughout the 80’s & 90’s a selection of songs were showcased in various events.  In 2007, a four piece line up for Story formed to perform in local Melbourne venues.  After a short break they reformed to anticipate live performances from late 2009.  Performances included support roles for The Angels, The Black Sorrows and main support for Colin Hay (Men At Work).

2010 saw change in concept with various musicians now on board showcasing different stories, written by one and same songwriter from previous live shows & events.  Guest Musicians Bob Spencer (The Angels/Skyhooks) , Mick Pealing (Stars) , Jack Jones (Southern Sons), Andrew Wishart (X Factor), Billy McMartin, Mark Ritchie & David Briggs (LRB) contributed to Story's introductory E.P 'Damnation Dawning' released July 1, 2013.

February 27, 2015 saw the release of second E.P "Storm Child" supporting album debut.  The E.P introduced Guest Musicians Eddie Parise (Baby Animals) & Anthony Pell, with return of Bob Spencer & Mark Ritchie.  Production team: Billy McMartin & David Briggs.

2016 introduced Guest Musicians: Stuart Fraser & Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) & Neil Anthony contributing to new studio recordings. Additional guests will be announced when confirmed.
First audio sampler for the year "Mystery Baby" was released in February as the next teaser to promote Story's debut album "Total Strangers".


February 10, 2017 delivers debut album “Total Strangers” in deluxe packaging. Song selection based on previous live show set lists.  Additional Guest Musician Brian Fisher, with Production team: Neil Anthony, Billy McMartin & David Briggs.  Story's following Guest Musician James JP Psaila also introduced.

2018 has seen unexpected new release of “Dancing By Myself” via Digital Distribution.  A 2-Track E.P with one Acoustic version and one Electric version.  Work on official Website revised and gone to air.

2019 has had a great start with first single release "Lauren" and second single "Noise Of The Cutter".  Both now available through all Digital Distribution outlets.  With additional songs to record on the table, more studio time is around the corner!


2020, one of the worst years in history world wide.  Musically however, one of the strongest in songwriting for Story.  January 19 saw release of "Justify The Cause" written by Daryl Storrie in 1994.  Studio sessions began December 2019, receiving airplay around globe after its Digital release.  With the world in lockdown for most of the year, creativity had now reached a new 'High' with studio time commencing with our new release "The Journey".  Songwriting for "The Journey" began back in 2007 with instrumental ideas sketched out.  To complete studio recording, guest musicians Ian Hulme (Choirboys) recorded Bass, Geoff Wells (Daryl Braithwaite Band) recorded 2nd Lead/Rhythm Guitar.  Finished arrangement of this song would see it become one of Story's strongest compositions to date receiving airplay in America and other areas around the globe.  "The Journey" was released November 14 through Digital Distribution.  7" vinyl copies scheduled to be available January 2021.

2021 has seen world wide recognition on a larger scale with the release of "The Journey" late 2020.  In America and UK especially, College Radio is playing Story Music on a regular basis with the help of Spotlight/Feature Artist slots, Interviews and regular Playlist appearances.  Impact of College Radio activity has impacted Story Spotify page greatly with Followers and Monthly listeners increasing daily.   April 2, song "The Journey" was released on 7" Clear Vinyl.  The remainder of 2021 will see a lot more promotional activity around the globe covering Story's back catalogue to date!


AC/DC, The Beatles, Crowded House, The Angels, Gary Moore & many more!

"Pub Rock At It's Best!"



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